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TV Wilhelmus is based at the Mariahoeve tennis club or sports centre in The Hague, The Netherlands. See also the map on Google Maps.

Tennis partners
Especially for new members and those one who are not playing competition we offer each Tuesday evening (during competition season), starting from 19.30h, the possibility to play against other members. It is a low key internal competition and it exists of three or four doubles (mixed, women or men) each evening. Each double lasts 30 minutes. By playing those doubles on Tuesday, organized by our club, you will get to know other clubmembers more quickly. 

Our Club
Although almost 50% of our members are competition players, as a board we find it very important to create a relaxed atmosphere with lots of activities during the tennis season. It starts in March with an opening tournament. Then you have the above mentioned racket evenings, the tenniscompetition, a summer tournament, the club championships and usually two other wintertournaments, among which the infamous Bockbier tournaments.  If you are still looking for even more, additionally there are other low key tournaments and internal competitions organised by the parc itself.

dditional information
Hopefully this information will give you a good first impression of TV Wilhelmus. In case of more questions about the membership and our club we are happy to answer them. For additional information, please contact Dana DeVincent, the secretary of our club, by mail: or by phone:  (0)6 81 50 11 59.


To register please do the following: 

1. Fill in this online form: registrationform
2. Email with your choice of membership and a photo

Membership options & fees 2018

1: TV Wilhelmus standard summer *
(mon to fri 17.00-23.00 & sat + sun 09.00-18.00)         
 € 220,00**

2: TV Wilhelmus all in summer* 
(mon to fri 09.00-23.00 & sat + sun 09.00-18.00)
€ 270,00

3: TV Wilhelmus day summer *
(mon to sun 09.00-18.00)         
 € 220,00

4: TV Wilhelmus standard summer + winter all in
(summer: mon to fri 17.00-23.00 & sat + sun 09.00-18.00)
(winter:mon to fri 09.00-23.00 & sat + sun 09.00-18.00)
€ 350,00

5: TV Wilhelmus summer all in + winter all in
(mon to fri 09.00-23.00 & sat + sun 09.00-18.00)
€ 395,00

6: TV Wilhelmus day summer + winter all in 
(summer: mon to sun - 09.00 - 18.00)
 (winter:mon to fri 09.00-23.00  & sat + sun 09.00-18.00)
€ 350,00

7. TV Wilhelmus Winter all in
(mon to fri 09.00-23.00 & sat + sun 09.00-18.00 )
€ 155,00

* summer: 18/3 - 30/9, summer + winter 18/3 + 12 months
**prices including KNLTB membership and Wilhelmus fee of € 20,- , excluding costs for competition players (competition fee and tennisballs).